Smokin’ Billy Slater


Friday & Saturday






Smokin’ Billy Slater (aka Ethan Leinwand) is a Brooklyn-based blues and boogie-woogie pianist and preservationist who champions the rich, oft forgotten traditions of pre-war piano blues. While our history of the blues is dominated by guitarists, there was a time when the piano was king. Mostly self-taught and each with his own individual style, blues piano players performed in the barrelhouse bars of texas lumber camps, the rent-parties of South Chicago tenements, the jook joints of East St. Louis and the back-alley dives of New Orleans. Here, far even from the gaze of middle-class African-Americans, was played a most low-down and raucous blues. The music, characterized by driving left hand rhythms, came to be known as boogie-woogie. In the 1940s it swept the nation, leading quickly to over-commercialization and second-rate imitation. But before it was just a cheap party trick, boogie-woogie was pure folk-art; a vital and vibrant piece of our American musical heritage. Smokin’ Billy Slater’s one-of-kind repertoire reaches back to some of the earliest and rarest recorded examples of this music and traces the story of blues and boogie-woogie piano.


Joel Forrester


Wednesday 7:00-10:00



Joel Forrester is the composer of more than 1200 tunes, a versatile and accomplished jazz pianist, leader of his own quartet and prolific recording artist.   He has performed in an extraordinary diversity of settings – from large ensembles to a duet setting with a tap dancer! His playing draws from stride, boogie-woogie, bebop, trance and what he likes to call ‘salon pieces’ but each composition bears the stamp of this most individual artist.

Recognized by the Paris Free Voice as “the world’s leading accompanist to silent films”, Joel Forrester has given concerts with film in Paris at the Louvre, the American Center, the Forum des Images, and the MusŽe d’Orsay.   For several years he performed with films in the Avignon Festival.   In New York, he has played at the Film Forum, Brooklyn Museum, and Anthology Film Archives.



Takuya Nakamura


Monday from 7:30-10:30



Takuya Nakamura is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer and has been playing trumpet, keyboards, and various electronic instruments for over twenty years throughout the United States and the world with a diverse group of artists such as Quincy Jones, The Streets, George Russell’s Living Time Orchestra, Joy Askew, Arto Lindsay, Vernon Reid, Jojo Mayer’s Nerve, Brazilian Girls, Organic Grooves, Bob Moses, John Scofield,and many others.



Isaac Namias

Tuesday from 7:00-10:00

Isaac Namias is a pianist/composer with Mediterranean roots based out of Brooklyn, NY.
His classical piano studies dominated a majority of his life, eventually leading him to study improv and jazz with the legendary teacher Charlie Banacos, as well as pianist Dan Tepfer and presently with Gary Dial.
As a solo pianist he plays a mixture of traditional and re-contextualized repertoire including: jazz, classical, folk, and song book standards.
The melodies, harmonies and structures of these songs are always under the scrutiny of spontaneity and an improvisatory spirt that flows throughout the set.  
Find his website here:



Joe McGinty

Piano Karaoke


Tuesday 10:30-1 am




Pianist Joe McGinty, formerly of the Psychedelic Furs, can play just about any song there is! Choose your fave from the roster and impress your friends with your sweet vocal skills.

He has worked with Nada Surf, Ryan Adams, Devendra Banhardt, Martha Wainwright, The Ramones, Debbie Harry, and many others.

For more info on Joe, check out the links below:



Terry Waldo

Thursdays 7:30-10:30



The celebrated protege of the renowned Eubie Blake, Terry Waldo captures the history, personalities, and vibrance of Ragtime like none other can.



Ian Sarver


Sunday Brunch



Ian Sarver plays original compositions influenced by artists ranging from Erik Satie to Ellington to Aphex Twin. He released an EP of electronic music in December 2012, some of which can be heard at