Joaquin Cotler

 Friday Nights


Joaquin plays a unique brand of piano blues, combining traditional song forms, floating verses, and original compositions.   His improv-heavy solo piano style is a perfect accompaniment to Manhattan Inn’s sultry mystique.



Dylan Meek




8pm-Midnight Dylan Meek



Jason Laney

Piano Karaoke

Tuesday 9pm-1am

jason laney karaoke donyc

Come on down! Have a bite and a few drinks, and become a star!

Check out my “Song List” tab at my website. If you don’t see something you want to sing, use the “Contact” button to send me the name and the artist, and I’ll have it ready for you by Tuesday. See you then!

Song List

Tim Norton + Special Guest

Wednesday 7-10pm


Bassist and composer Tim Norton is a force in the modern jazz world. Originally from Hartford, Connecticut he is sated in traditional jazz and has played with many of the top players on the scene today. Each week he reaches into the rich pool of talented New York Pianists to join him at the Manhattan Inn.  He blends new and old music with each unique pianist in a traditional jazz duo setting.